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The Conquest of Bread - P. Kropotkin
Diplomacy - H. Kissinger
Molecular Biology of the Cell - B. Alberts, M. Raff, J. Lewis, K. Roberts, A. Johnson, P. Walter, D. Bray, J. Watson
  • i realised how much I missed learning to hack with an entirely new toolkit. molecular bio felt like the perfect fit. 2 feb 2022
  • came across a website for buying biohacking equipment and they recommended 6 chapters of this book. 2 feb 2022
  • on a related note, i’m going to start twitch streaming experiments when i’m done with the chapters. 2 feb 2022


World Order - H. Kissinger
On Anarchism - N. Chomsky
The Worldly Philosophers - R. L Heilbroner
  • highly recommend it for anyone interested in a concise introduction to the evolution of political-economic theory. timeline: Smith to Schumpeter.

also, reading this book was part of a higher-order process of developing a personal pedagogical process. it currently looks something like this:

  1. read a historical overview of a subject; learn about the people as well as the ideas
  2. get a highly recommended university introductory textbook on the topic to get the fundamentals
  3. find more specialised/niche texts

i'm on step ii after many years of reading mostly pop-econ. this is in line with a greater trend of seeking more formal Truth. 1 may 2021

Hackers & Painters - P. Graham
  • I ignored this for some time because I thought I had already read a lot of PG from his blog. 19 jun 2021
  • particularly liked the chapter on spam filters :-) 19 jun 2021
  • I found this had quite a varied reception. 20 jul 2021
  • I happen to be enjoying it thus far, let's see how long it lasts in the in-progress section. 28 jul 2021
  • the only way I could get through this in meaningful time is by switching to the audible on 1.7x 4 aug 2021
  • just completed. it did serve its purpose as a broad overview of ideas. I found I was less interested in some philosophical eras than others, so I occasionally zoned out a bit. in all, it provided a great start for further analysis. 10 oct 2021


Economics: An Introductory Analysis - P. A. Samuelson, W. D. Nordhaus
  • considered a canonical introductory text for econ. very accessible. 6 april 2021
  • particularly like the policy case study discussions. 6 april 2021
  • read enough of the foundational chapters, I’ll go back to using as a reference or narrow dive. 4 jan 2022
  • I first came across this in a tyler cowen blog post, and it kept coming up in scientific progress discussions. 11 sept 2021
  • don't think it was the right time for me, but will definitely revisit. 22 oct 2021
Understanding Power - N Chomsky
Wasn’t a big fan of the conference-transcript format, but is definitely worth returning to later. 21 feb 2022
Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering - K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence
  • revisiting uni math, but this time a bit more formally. 14 jan 2021
  • I only intend to cover the first 15 and last 2 chapters for now. 14 jan 2021
  • got distracted midway through linear algebra. i’ll definitely return to and continue to use as a reference 11 jan 2022


Mutual Aid - P. Kropotkin

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