2015-16 school-is-the-most-challenging-thing-I-can-do-with-my-time phase
2016-17 hardware phase
2017-18 art phase
2018-19 build-local-businesses phase
  • this phase was driven by the quest: “get people to pay for real-world services”
  • it was important that it was in the “real-world” to take me out of my comfort zone building digital products.
  • next question was “what were the hardest low-barrier things I could run in 6 months to compress my learning.” ended up with:
    • food delivery for offices. because: low margins and high (perceived) value. plus, running last-mile logistics for perishables on the streets of lagos had to be fun.
    • teaching kids to code, at home. because: home-tutoring is as high-trust as it gets so it had to be a worthy operations and marketing challenge trying to grow in the market.
  • ran both simultaneously with amazing people for half a year.
    • the home tutoring business still runs today without me.
2020-xx solve-interesting-problems phase